First Time Giver?

Thank you for considering supporting BRATS BLESSING BRATS. There are two separate financial concerns related to the BRAT BASE CHAPEL and the BRATS BLESSING BRATS FUND. 

First is the support for the BRATS BLESSING BRATS FUND. Currently, we have no sponsors or underwriters and we have nothing for sale through our website. Everything we provide is without charge. Also, we do not have a newsletter or any fund-raising apparatus in place. We really are just relying on the Military BRAT Community for support.  A simple heart-felt thank you and receipt for gifts to the fund is sent to donors when they give. Of course, we do not give out our donors’ names to other organizations.

The BRAT BASE CHAPEL will not incur debt because we see God’s provision as the indicator that He wants this ministry to Military BRATS to continue. We meet expenses as God provides through generous, free-will contributions from those who appreciate what we are doing and want to help Military BRATS.

A very small portion of each contribution that is made through the secure BRAT BASE CHAPEL website goes to paying the extremely low overhead costs associated with the non-profit organization, such as our monthly payments to our website host, insurance and bank fees etc. There are no paid employees and no major overhead costs (e.g., no office, no staff, no building). 

A maximum 20% of donations received to the fund will be used to operate the BRAT BASE CHAPEL with a minimum of 80% donations received to the fund will be sent back out directly to Military BRATS in need. Currently we are disbursing over 95% of donations in the form of BRAT BLESSINGS! This is well above average for a non-profit organization and we anticipate that we will continue to run higher than 80% in the disbursement of BRAT BLESSINGS.

The second issue is the matter of "staff". The BRAT BASE CHAPEL runs on a 100% volunteer BRAT Staff. That means that there is no paid staff in the BRAT BASE CHAPEL. Nothing donated to the BRAT BASE CHAPEL goes toward any salaries or for any private expenses. Currently, we have a seven member volunteer BRAT Board of Directors who provide the necessary oversight and accountability for the BRATS BLESSING BRATS FUND. These arebusy BRATS who quietly serve as volunteers, behind the scenes, in their “free time,” without remuneration.

The BRAT BASE CHAPEL has also benefited greatly from the services of the Steadman Media Group in our website development and management. Those who appreciate and benefit from this ministry are greatly indebted to these zealous and humble servants.

Again, thank you for your consideration of support! GO BLESS, BRATS!




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