"Her children arise up, and call her blessed; "- Proverbs 31:28 

"Honor your mother".. On this Mother's Day, I am sitting here reflecting on how I was raised as an Army Brat. As I think about my Mother, I realize that there is no doubt that my Mom, as a career military wife, was a solid rock in our family's strong foundation.

My Dad had well-earned the rank and title of Sgt Major Cook and he was the leader of many men.. but my Mom, she also well-earned her rank and title.

She earned the rank and title of "SGT ROCK." Even though I call her Sgt Rock that doesn't mean that our Company was "easy". No, it was far from being easy!
As Sgt Rock, all too often she found herself alone, left by herself to lead a small family squad of 2 girls and a boy.

Many times my Dad was called away on TDY and my Mom had to fill his fatherly boots. She did this in more ways than I knew then as a child or that I could even know now as an adult.

And she did this extra duty with excellence all the while fulfilling and performing her own responsibilities as a loving, caring mother.

Sgt Rock disciplined us when we got out of line, she made sure we were well supplied, well clothed, well fed and in bed and up for school on time.

She dealt with all the daily issues that arise in the life of a young, growing family with teen aged girls. She was also the one who had to sit on the edge of a bed wiping away tears from the eyes of a little boy who missed his Dad so much and who was angry at the Army for taking his Dad away.

She had to be the one to explain the importance of what Sgt Major Cook was doing to a boy who had a hard time sharing his father with the US Government.

My Mother possessed and exhibited an unfeigned loyalty to my Dad and to the United States Army and she taught her children to do the same.

Sgt Rock is a leader who played a tremendous role in shaping me into the man I am today.

Make no mistake, I have always loved and respected my Father very much and I am grateful that so much of who he is has been instilled in me as a man and Father.

To this very day I still look up to Sgt Major Cook, but even so, as a grown man so often I find myself also looking to Sgt Rock and leading my own family by her wonderful example.

So, Thank You, Sgt Rock, thank you Mom, for being all you could be and more! I love you Mom! Happy Mother's Day to my Mom, Sgt Rock!